Like many artists, Tina always had a true interest in painting from early childhood. Watching her father paint and draw always got her attention.  She was the kid that school teacher's would call on for creating bulletin boards for holidays, etc.   And art teachers entered her works in adult shows throughout high school. 

After attending college for two years studying graphic design, she started her own Bridal Boutique business, a Men's Custom Suit business and a custom framing business. Then, she settled down to raise two children.  After all of that the opportunity came along to start painting for a gallery.  She painted 11x14 hearts that sold faster than she could paint them for two years.

Then it was time to paint something new. Landscapes became her next fast selling creations, based on a tree theme with intense glows and rich colors. These original paintings sold at a steady pace for a good eight years.

Wanting to try other subjects and styles, Tina has spent the past two years painting lots of different things.  This has led to the latest work revolving around moody scenes of people with umbrellas going about their daily lives.  After years of stating that she doesn't paint people she felt the need to capture the essence of random people without unnecessary details.  Tina feels in these latest works she can say more with less.  As Edgar Degas once said - "in a painting, if you make your meaning perfectly clear you end up boring people".

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