Born and raised in California, Jacqueline's earliest attraction to art came about at her father's side.  He owned thoroughbred race  horses and would take his young daughter to the early morning workouts.  Here she first held a sketch pad at her side creating her own vivid portrayals of jockeys bedecked in dazzling silks astride spirited horses.  

Years later this budding artist would graduate from the University of Southern California majoring in Education with a minor in Art.  Jacqueline's choice would have been the other way around but her parents encouraged her to choose a more conservative career.  After college she returned to her first love cultivating her art style in award winning oil paintings.

Over the years she moved from working with acrylics to working with watercolors, and as the millennium changed, so did her medium change, back to acrylics.

Jacqueline's originals are displayed worldwide, including collections in London and Abu Dhabi, and in a number of galleries in the United States.

West End Gallery is pleased to offer Jacqueline De Hart's original paintings to our collectors, both local and worldwide.


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