Amleto Colucci’s realistic paintings accurately reflect the beauty of the Mediterranean coast, with bright, colorful coastal homes and clear, refreshing waters. His works are known around the world as some of the finest depictions of the Italian coastline. Each painting is highly detailed and vivid.

Colucci uses his talents to capture the romantic vistas seen by tourist who travel to the legendary Amalfi Coast and by dreamers who long to go there.

Born in Napoli, Italy in l953, Colucci continues to live and paint in his native city where he is easily inspired by the charming resort towns and cliff-hanging roads that blanket this magical region.

A master painter of light, Colucci captures the warmth of sunlight and the beautiful colors of the sea. With his fine attention to detail and bold use of color he both fascinates and inspires the viewer. His subject matter is gathered mainly from the everyday life along the Amalfi coast where fishermen diligently harvest the waters, and people gather to converse and leisurely pass time.

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